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In this episode, we delve into multifaceted discussions, starting with the anticipated future home of The Kings Table Podcast and traversing through economic reflections on real estate, with a particular focus on opportunities and municipal bonds. The conversation unfolds to contemplate the absence of potential bailouts this time around and the intricate implications for the commercial real estate sector. A nuanced exploration of the growing preference for suburban living over city dwelling ensues, alongside strategic considerations like buying at a fraction of replacement cost. We also reflect on the potential impact of lowering the Fed rate on the housing market.

Meet the Hosts

Ashish Nathu

Hostess with the Most-est

Ashish Nathu is a founder and CEO, entrepreneur, real estate investor, triathlete, and host of the Rich Equation Podcast.

Aaron Amuchastegui

The Trend Spotter

Aaron Amuchastegui is a seasoned real estate virtuoso with a remarkable track record of over 1,000 house transactions, predominantly acquired through astute foreclosure purchases at courthouse auctions.

Mike Ayala

The Sage

Mike Ayala is an accomplished investor, speaker, and podcast host, who stands at the helm of Investing for Freedom, guiding busy professionals and entrepreneurs toward the path of genuine liberation and optimal living.

Matt Aitchison

Hero of Hospitality

Matt Aitchison is a celebrated boutique hotelier and commercial real estate investor. As the Founder and CEO of Imagos Hospitality Group, he specializes in boutique hotels and commercial assets, alongside hosting a globally-ranked Top 100 Business Podcast.
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